Beat Stoffel’s house

The Stoffel Hotel accommodates guests in a house built in 1919 as a private residence by a significant textile entrepreneur from St. Gallen, Beat Stoffel (1863 - 1937). The ancestral line of Stoffel entrepreneurs dates back to Hospital Master and Council Franz Xaver Stoffel (1730-1799). His son Franz Xaver I, born in 1771, together with his two sons Franz Xaver II and Severin ran a silk ribbon-weaving mill in Arbon castle which was part of his estate.

Beat Stoffel in his younger years Franz Xaver Stoffel The classic portrait of Beat Stoffel

Franz Xaver III, son of the prematurely deceased Franz Xaver II established his own textile manufacture in St. Gallen in 1860. It was to be the foundation of an industrial empire, which over the decades rose to worldwide recognition, especially under the guidance of his son Beat, born in 1863. Beat entered the company in 1888, which was then called Stoffel & Co., and took over the overall management in 1895. Until his retirement in 1929 he directed the company with outstanding entrepreneurial skills.

The Stoffel family coat of arms The Stoffel residence in the 1920s View of the Schiesshorn

The first contact with Arosa was established by Beat Stoffel’s sons, who were hiking up there for the first time in 1912 and enthusiastically reported to their father about the beauty of this mountainous region. In 1918, Beat Stoffel finally visited Arosa himself and was immediately impressed. He quickly grew very fond of Arosa and he became an important patron to the local authorities. A few months before his death in November 1937, he visited Arosa for the last time, and went up to the Weisshorn to see the completion of the renovation of the hut he owned there.

The legendary Miss Leonhard in 1988 Today’s restaurant served as a classroom The Stoffel-Stube
At work In the kitchen On the balcony
One of the bedrooms The Stüva Room number 31 in the old days

The Stoffel residence as he called it, still remained in the possession of the family for some years afterwards, but it was gradually abandoned. The legendary Lydia Leonhard re-opened it in 1949 under the name "Belri" as a boarding school for girls. Miss Leonhard kept this name when she transformed the building into a hotel in 1971. In 1988 she sold it to Peter Kunz, who refurbished it completely and leased to the Beerli family in 1989. He ended up selling the hotel to them in 1999. In autumn 2014 the hotel was taken over by a new management team. In 2015, they undertook extensive renovation work to give the hotel a new touch of freshness and appeal as a basis for a successful future. At the beginning of the winter season 2015/2016, the hotel was re-named in honor of the original name of the gem that had been created by Beat Stoffel. The nearly century-old tradition of the house thus found a worthy continuation.

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Your hosts: Matthias Eisenmann-Schubert und Markus Giger.

Chef: Thomas Kraettli.

Administration: Christoph Boller.

History: built as a private residence in 1919; used as a boarding school for girls "Belri" from 1948 onwards; construction of an annexe on the west side in 1963; re-opened as a hotel in 1971; refurbished in 1994; in the possession of the Beerli Family from 1999 to 2014; under new management since 2014.

Rooms: 18 rooms, 35 beds.

Restaurants: Stoffel restaurant (seats 45), Stoffel Salon (seats 12), Stüva (seats 16). Garden restaurant: seats 25.

Christoph Boller | Matthias Eisenmann-Schubert | Markus Giger